HypoSky GmbH | About us
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About us

Our principles are: individual consultation, offers without any obligation and best of Terms and Conditions. We work together with you to develop a suitable financing plan and help you choose the best offer from more than 150 financial institutions. We are always at your side and have an expert at hand for each of your questions (energy consulting, tax consulting, and contract and construction law).

The consultants at HypoSky GmbH have many years of experience and maintain personal contacts with credit related decision makers from renowned, reliable and local banks.

HypoSky GmbH is one of the few companies in our industry that can be called a real independent concern. We do not belong to any financial institution and can absolutely broker and provide neutral advice.
This sort of independence is an absolute prerequisite for a customized financing solution.

You are interested in our services and have questions regarding real-estate financing? Do not hesitate to contact us!