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Our principles are: personal advice, independence and the best conditions.

About HypoSky GmbH

We are a top-performing company for real estate financing with a first-class portfolio of reputable credit institutions, insurance and finance companies. Our independence and autonomy allow us to make a free decision at any time in favor of the optimum real estate financing. Favorable is not always (only) favorable in terms of money. When financing in the six-figure range with a commitment for several decades to the same financing provider, a wide range of contractual aspects must be taken into account.

Why choose HypoSky

  • personal and discreet consultation at any time even during the pandemic
  • best financing conditions thanks to total independence
  • a wide range of personal contacts with key decision-makers within the financing hierarchies
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Independence is a vital pre-requisite for a customized financing solution.

Take a moment to visit our website where you can learn a lot more, but by no means everything, about your real estate financing. The next step is an initial, non-binding consultation with HypoSky about your customized real estate financing.

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Boris Poneleit


Die Berater der HypoSky GmbH verfügen über langjährige Erfahrung und pflegen beste persönliche Kontakte zu Kreditentscheidern renommierter, verlässlicher und ortsansässiger Banken.

Boris Poneleit

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