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Do you want to turn your dream of owning your own home into a reality? We’ll help you with financing, right from the planning to implementation, and we’ll get the very best for you.

Individual financing

Real estate financing or mortgages aren’t a closed book or rocket science. Simply put, it’s matching all expenses with the construction or purchase amount and all income with your own and external financing. Financing in this sense is the difference between your own funds + own contribution, on the one hand, and the total amount of all costs, on the other.

  • Nowadays, the income side can be improved by a variety of government subsidies. We know these inside out and include them in your real estate financing.
  • As free and independent financial advisors, we can choose between well over a hundred credit institutions across the country and always filter out the absolute best financing offer from several to numerous good ones.

HypoSky GmbH offers advice both regarding new-builds, second or third follow-up financing and renovation and modernization of existing properties.

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There are lots of benefits for you if you choose us

Individual consultation

Consultation taking your personal and family circumstances as well as your financial and professional situation into account.

Personal financing concept

Financing proposal including your own capital and all government support.

Large network

Benefit from the special conditions offered by our numerous, reputable banking partners.

Government support

We check possible state subsidies from the Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen and help you to apply. We consider low-interest loans from the state-owned KfW development bank as a building block for your customized financing solution and provide you with assistance in filling out any forms required. Whether you’re buying, building or renovating, you won’t miss out on any state funding with us.

We’re very familiar with the promotional loans from the KfW bank and work closely together with energy consultants certified by the KfW.

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Boris Poneleit


Die Berater der HypoSky GmbH verfügen über langjährige Erfahrung und pflegen beste persönliche Kontakte zu Kreditentscheidern renommierter, verlässlicher und ortsansässiger Banken.

Boris Poneleit

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