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What can I afford

Your real estate financing can be compared to the basic rent you pay as a tenant. On top of that, there are energy, operational and additional costs in both cases. Moreover, in the interests of the property owner and lender, the financing with its monthly installments must be covered by a corresponding insurance policy for such imponderable life situations as accidents, unemployment as well as death of the borrower. Ultimately, it should and must be possible for the family of several people with two generations to live comfortably for decades to come.

In short


Together with you, we analyze and calculate the arithmetic surplus between revenues and expenses based on your monthly income.

At this point of the real estate financing / mortgage, we’re in our element as a renowned financing expert. We’re masters of this profession to three decimal places. Legal and tax advice, which you can benefit from now and in the future, forms an essential part of our network.

As a result, it is determined what monthly financing rate you can afford. We’ll show you the way there.

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